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Dark Rift: Retaliation Prologue Available!

To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story Free on Kindle

Hi Readers! To Protect and Serve, a coming of age story about Chuck Wending, is FREE on Kindle, starting this Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18. FREE, ¬†I said. You can’t tell me you can get a better price than that anywhere! If you’ve read Ascension- or even if you haven’t had a chance to yet – you’ll find Chuck’s story interesting. You’ll understand more about his relationship to Jodie, too. Plus, it’s just a plain fun story and […]

The Dark Rift: Redemption – Prologue and Chapter 1 Available!

The Long Ride Home- now available on Amazon

The Long Ride Home – now available on The Long Ride Home is a short story about Bob from The Dark Rift: Ascension. It describes his college days, up until a horrific event changed things¬†forever. This story shows how loss can close one door, then open another into a transformed life. In this story, we meet several characters from The Dark Rift book series; however, the story stands on its own as a tale of one man’s struggle to […]

To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story – Now Available on!

Hi Readers! I’ve published a short story about Chuck Wending’s childhood (To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story) that I think you’ll like. Although it doesn’t contain the violence or the blood or guts of Ascension, there is a bit of glory. To Protect and Serve is a story about Chuck in high school, when he first encounters Jodie Watts. Chuck is presented with a dilemma and his choice over how to respond could end in devastating consequences for him and […]