To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story Free on Kindle

Hi Readers!

To Protect and Serve, a coming of age story about Chuck Wending, is FREE on Kindle, starting this Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18. FREE,  I said. You can’t tell me you can get a better price than that anywhere!

If you’ve read Ascension- or even if you haven’t had a chance to yet – you’ll find Chuck’s story interesting. You’ll understand more about his relationship to Jodie, too. Plus, it’s just a plain fun story and I’d love it if you read it and tell me and Amazon what you thought. Please go and retrieve your free copy this weekend!

Much more to come over the next month and beyond. Happy reading!

R.M. Brewer

To get your FREE kindle copy of To Protect and Serve, CLICK HERE