In Ascension, the Dark Rift series builds to a lightning fast pace, weaving science fiction with thrilling suspense. When talented FBI agent Jodie Watts takes time away from work to visit her childhood home, nestled deep in the redwoods of Mountain City, California, she finds herself thrust into a terrific battle. Instead of taking a long overdue vacation, Jodie becomes embroiled in the investigation of several mysterious deaths. As the body count adds up, Jodie realizes these deaths are the tip of the iceberg.

Gathering together the only people she knows she can trust, including fellow agent Bob Cramer, Jodie won’t be stopped until she unravels the truth behind this mind-blowing government conspiracy. Her tenacity, which served her well as an FBI agent, may reveal more than she wants to know, as she learns someone she has a special tie to is about to unleash a series of catastrophic events on the planet. Now, all that stands between the people of Earth and total annihilation is one FBI agent and her mismatched group of friends. Will Jodie succeed and save everyone and everything she holds dear?

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