R.M. Brewer

Dear Reader,

The Dark Rift series is a tribute to a life-long fascination with science fiction, space travel and alien folklore. The characters, setting and situations described in the series are the result of weaving natural phenomena with details gleaned from paranormal accounts, conspiracy theories and records of extraterrestrial encounters. Yes, this story is a product of my imagination, but you’ll be surprised, and terrified, by how it rings true. This isn’t just a story of ‘what-if,’ it’s a story of what really could be.

Please visit this website periodically as you’ll continue to find excerpts from each book, prior to release, as well as short stories about some of the characters who make up the cast of the series. If you would like to leave a message, please click on the link to the right to access the Dark Rift facebook page, where you can message me or post a comment. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy reading the Dark Rift series and that you go to sleep at night wondering if it could all be true, because we all know it could be.

R.M. Brewer