To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story – Now Available on!

Hi Readers!

I’ve published a short story about Chuck Wending’s childhood (To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story) that I think you’ll like. Although it doesn’t contain the violence or the blood or guts of Ascension, there is a bit of glory. To Protect and Serve is a story about Chuck in high school, when he first encounters Jodie Watts. Chuck is presented with a dilemma and his choice over how to respond could end in devastating consequences for him and his classmates.

Of all the characters in The Dark Rift book series, I love Chuck the most because of the obstacles he’s faced and how he’s risen to every challenge. I hope you read the story and let me know if it resonates with you. It’s appropriate for most high school kids and adults. A big thank you to everyone who’s bought Ascension. Again, I’ll beg for you to post a review. Please let me know what you think. Happy Reading and thanks again!

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