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Hi Readers! I wanted to alert you about some websites that you probably shouldn’t be visiting. These are scam sites that sometimes use legitimate names, but advertise books they have no legal rights to. They say they have free books and ask you to pay a fee to join. They don’t actually either have the books they advertise or they have no legal right to sell them. When you try to cancel your subscription, they charge you a fee. The […]

The Dark Rift: Redemption Kindle Version Free!

Hello Readers, The Kindle version of The Dark Rift: Redemption will be free for the taking on on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20! Click on the cover image below to go directly to and get your free copy. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends about The Dark Rift series.  Happy Reading, everyone! R.M. Brewer  

The Dark Rift: Redemption Now Available!

Hey Readers, The Dark Rift: Redemption is now available on in Kindle and paperback formats! Click on the link below to buy! I hope you enjoy Redemption!      

The Dark Rift: Redemption – Chapter 3 Available Now!

The Dark Rift: Redemption – Prologue and Chapter 1 Available!

The Long Ride Home- now available on Amazon

The Long Ride Home – now available on The Long Ride Home is a short story about Bob from The Dark Rift: Ascension. It describes his college days, up until a horrific event changed things forever. This story shows how loss can close one door, then open another into a transformed life. In this story, we meet several characters from The Dark Rift book series; however, the story stands on its own as a tale of one man’s struggle to […]

To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story – Now Available on!

Hi Readers! I’ve published a short story about Chuck Wending’s childhood (To Protect and Serve: Chuck’s Story) that I think you’ll like. Although it doesn’t contain the violence or the blood or guts of Ascension, there is a bit of glory. To Protect and Serve is a story about Chuck in high school, when he first encounters Jodie Watts. Chuck is presented with a dilemma and his choice over how to respond could end in devastating consequences for him and […]