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Kindle Fire Giveaway November 27 – December 11

Hi Dark Rift Fans and Followers, Viral and Alien Enthusiasts, Friends and Acquaintances, The Dark Rift Giveaway is almost upon us and I wanted to give you some insider information. The giveaway will take place through the Dark Rift website ( and will start on Sunday, November 27, the same day The Dark Rift: Retaliation (Book 3) is released. Yay! The giveaway will run until the end of the day on Sunday, December 11. To show my appreciation for your […]

The Dark Rift: Retaliation Chapters 4 and 5 Available!

The Dark Rift: Retaliation — Chapters 2 and 3 Available!!!

Hello Dark Rift Readers! Chapters 2 and 3 of Retaliation are available for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!!! R.M. Brewer

The Dark Rift: Retaliation – Chapter 1 Available!

Hi Readers! Chapter 1 of The Dark Rift: Retaliation is now available for your reading pleasure. Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!  

The Dark Rift: Redemption FREE ON KINDLE OCTOBER 7 – 9

Hi Readers, This weekend, from Friday, October 7, through Sunday, October 9, get your FREE kindle version of The Dark Rift: Redemption! This is Book 2 in the Dark Rift series and picks up right where Ascension left off. Thanks to everyone who took a free copy of Ascension last week! People tell me they like Redemption because it’s fun and fast-paced, has heroic moments, and made them care about the characters. Why don’t you tell me what you think about it?  […]

The Dark Rift – Ascension Free on Kindle October 2-4

Hi Readers, Well, if you haven’t read Ascension yet, now’s your chance.  Get the Kindle version free on starting Sunday, October 2 through Tuesday, October 4. (Note this is a change in dates from what I announced previously.) I hope you like the book. It’s filled with mystery, intrigue, humor, sadness, and just some crazy stuff. Kind of like a typical day for me! Ha ha! Please tell your friends to get their free copy as well. As always, I’ll beg […]

The Long Ride Home FREE on Kindle Sept. 23-25!

Hi Readers, The Long Ride Home, a short story about Bob from the Dark Rift series, is available FREE for the taking on Amazon Kindle on Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25. Please take one and tell your friends to as well! Bob’s a nice guy. You’ll like him! If you do or even if you don’t, please leave me a review on Amazon and tell me what you think. Have a wonderful fall weekend and enjoy the story! R.M. […]

Retaliation Update

Hi Readers! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since you heard from Jodie, Chuck and the rest of the gang. A slight detour into a bout with Lyme disease has sidelined all of us for awhile. But, fear not, alien viruses can’t keep any of us down for long! Retaliation is coming this fall! In anticipation of its release, I’ll be giving away the first two books and short stories. I’ll also start unleashing chapter excerpts on you in […]


Hi Readers! I wanted to alert you about some websites that you probably shouldn’t be visiting. These are scam sites that sometimes use legitimate names, but advertise books they have no legal rights to. They say they have free books and ask you to pay a fee to join. They don’t actually either have the books they advertise or they have no legal right to sell them. When you try to cancel your subscription, they charge you a fee. The […]

The Dark Rift: Redemption Kindle Version Free!

Hello Readers, The Kindle version of The Dark Rift: Redemption will be free for the taking on on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20! Click on the cover image below to go directly to and get your free copy. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please tell your friends about The Dark Rift series.  Happy Reading, everyone! R.M. Brewer